About Us


Our vision is to  become a global player in aviation industry through our extensive network of strategic alliances and procurement capabilities to ensure products or services delivered are technologically superior and have excellent after sales services.

Bagati Corporation has been a  supplier of military equipment, helicopter and aircraft spare parts since 2002. Supported by numerous well established multinational aviation companies from Europe, USA, Eastern Europe and Russia, our extensive network of strategic alliances enable us to support both the commercial and military aviation industry.

As a result of these alliances, we have  a wide range of  products and services. We have vast capability in providing complete spares, management of  repair and overhaul for different types of aircraft components and engines.

Being a privately owned company, we are adaptable and responsive to particular customer needs and wants. Since our founding, we have been doing  business with major commercial airlines, aircraft operators, maintenance facilities, military users, engineers and managers who demand low turn around time, quality customer service and low cost solutions.

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